specialist cleaning services

There are some jobs in life that you don't mind doing yourself, then there are others you'd really rather someone else did for you - these are those jobs. Our specialist cleaning services cover making your kitchen and bathroom gleam again, your oven shine like new and helping your party end with a bang instead of a bin bag.

party & events

Hosting a party is great fun but cleaning up after is definitely not and the prospect of being up all night cleaning or waking up to a mess, that you've got to deal with in the morning, can really spoil your fun.

Whether you're planning an event at your home or have rented a suitable venue - if you are responsible for the clean-up, let us do it for you. We can clean up directly after the event or later at a suitable time including the removal of all party waste. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

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kitchen & bath

Of all the rooms your home, the cleanliness of your kitchen and bathrooms can quickly get away from you. Whether you require a regular service or just a visit every now and again, we can help.

From cleaning and de-greasing your entire kitchen including all white goods, cupboards (inside and out) to tackling that mouldy grouting in your bathroom and getting the scale off your shower door, we have all the tools and expertise to get the two most important rooms in your house gleaming again.

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oven cleaning

What's cooking? hopefully a nice roast! but more often than not, the smells coming from your oven are from months of spilled caseroles and bubbled over pasta bakes - not such a welcome aroma, never mind the accompanying smoke!

If you can remember how clean your oven once was, we can help return it to a similar condition again. We will leave your cooker free of grease and baked on grime, your shelves will shine once more and you'll even be able to see through the door again.

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Whatever your cleaning needs, we are here to help. Our staff are fully trained to the highest standard to ensure that you receive a polite, friendly and professional cleaning service every time.

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